Samuel Riveros
UI/UX Graphic Artist and Multimedia Developer.
Simplicity is, as simple as you make it.

Welcome to my online CV. I am a professional 2D/3D graphic artist and multimedia developer with great level of proficiency in UI/UX design and development. The media mastered over my career represents a logical acquisition of skills and techniques. As a multimedia major in college, I have learned and practiced the art of multimedia with combined use of graphical user interface for easy user interaction.

Having a diverse skill set enabled me to work on many projects outside my regular routine. I have had the opportunity of working on exciting projects such as educational software, independent short-films, computer animation and videogames for independent artists and arts organizations. I have also built many websites over the years - and I am always looking to bring my creative perspective to using the Internet for communicating ideas.

Marketing and Promotions, Software and Website Design/Development, User Interface Design, Computer Animation, Multimedia, Mobile App Design/Development

SMS Equipment Inc.
Marketing Application Analyst
SMS Equipment Inc.
1500-2000 employees, Construction Equipment Supplier
53113 Range Road 263A, Zone 1, Acheson, AB T7X 5A5
SMS Equipment holds a unique position in the industry as a one-stop supplier of a broad range of construction equipment. Supporting world-renowned brands including Komatsu, Wirtgen, Kleemann, Vögele, Hamm, Fecon, Terramac, Indeco, Sandvik and others. SMS Equipment Inc.
Triple Five Group of Companies
Website Designer
Triple Five Group of Companies
1500-2000 employees, Diverse Development and Finance
3000, 8882 - 170 Street, Edmonton, AB T5T 4M2
Is a multinational conglomerate and diverse development and finance corporation, with offices in major U.S. and Canadian cities. Triple Five's major and unique strength is its experience in a wide range of products giving it the ideal expertise for creating successful mixed-use developments. Triple Five Group of Companies
West Edmonton Mall
Website Designer
West Edmonton Mall
1500-2000 employees, Commercial Real Estate Industry
1755, 8882 170 Street, Edmonton, AB T5T 4J2
Is home to more than 800 stores and services (5.3 million square feet) including 10 world-class attractions, two hotels, over 100 dining venues, the widest variety of one-of-a-kind retailers, and entertainment for all ages. Average yearly visitation is approximately 30.8 million, making West Edmonton Mall the province's number-one tourist attraction. West Edmonton Mall
Castle Rock Research Corporation
Lead Graphic Artist & Website Designer
Castle Rock Research Corporation
200-500 employees, Education
2340 Manulife Place, 10180-101 Street, Edmonton, AB T5J 3S4
Provides quality, curriculum-based educational resources to students, parents and educators. Castle Rock Research's print and online resources support its academic achievement performance by focusing on instruction, assessment, diagnostics and remediation. Castle Rock Research Corporation
Poker Academy Pro
January 2013
Poker Academy Pro
BioTools Incorporated
This game is formerly known as Poki’s Poker Academy. It is a game designed to increase your poker skills while providing a fun challenge playing against sophisticated computer opponents.
The software behind Poker Academy Pro is based on research by the University of Alberta Games Group in Edmonton, AB, and is well known for its cutting edge machine learning algorithms. Poki was developed using C++ and uses statistical modeling, neural networks, and an advanced understanding of game theory to dynamically adapt its play and exploit patterns involved adversaries for a tough game of poker.

The game company utilized the following skills from me:

  1. Design and develop the UI graphics and UX for the game.
  2. Create all in-game graphics.
  3. Create all marketing materials including the video game's website and packaging.
BioTools Incorporated
MX6 Delirium
December 2013
MX6 Delirium
Raw, adrenaline-fueled racing with a brand new physics engine and refined AI deliver on the power of authentic street racing.
This video game contains the following features:

  1. Spectacular detail via the advanced damage capturing technology.
  2. Realistic vehicle control with four distinct style: Drag, Drift, Grip brought to you by a brand-new physics engine.
  3. Competitive gameplay with refined AI.
  4. Intensely competitive social play for an ultimate driving showdown.
September 2012
The fun and lovable Alphaplanes originally developed for the PC is now being made available for the iPhone and Android mobile devices. I am involved in all stages of development including, but not limited to game design, 2D/3D graphics and programming.
This mobile game contains the following features:

  1. Test your spelling skills and improve your vocabulary while having FUN!
  2. 6 planes with uniquely distinctive personalities to choose from.
  3. 20 challenging environments demand total control & intense concentration.
  4. Contains over 1,200 words from multiple levels of difficulty.
  5. Unique moves and power plays for each character.
  6. Teachers are able to create their own spelling bee word list.
  • English
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
Technical Skills and Experience
  • Bachelor degree in Multimedia Technology
  • Turbo Pascal, Visual Basic, PHP, Visual C, Visual C#, Visual C++, ActionScript, Java, JavaScript, JQuery, Razor, XML, HTML, XHTML, HTML 5, CSS, CSS3, LESS, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, 3D Studio Max, Maya, ZBrush, Unity3D, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, Premiere, Soundbooth, After Effects, Dreamweaver, Visual Studio, IIS, Fiddler, Windows Server, Joomla, D2L, Moodle, Umbraco, SharePoint, Wordpress
  • Experience in object-oriented design and implementation
  • Experience developing usable and efficient user interface
  • Good knowledge of software programming practices
Additional Skills
  • Have shipped a video game title called Poker Academy Pro
  • Good understanding of basic graphical rendering concepts
  • Avid gamer with a passion for creating to-quality games
  • 10+ years experience building Flash-based interfaces for games, websites, and desktop applications
Non-Technical Skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to quickly learn and apply new concepts, principles and solutions
  • High attention to detail, dependable and committed to my projects/tasks
Northern Alberta Institute of Technology / NAIT
  • Multimedia Developer: Dated and issued at Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on the 26th day of June, 2003.
Southern Alberta Institute of Technology / SAIT in partnership with Archbishop O'Leary High School
  • Computer Animation (Provincial Skills Canada): Dated and issued at Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on the 24th day of July, 2000.
Additional Education
  • Certificate #MCC593 - Photoshop Level I
  • Certificate #MCC594 - Photoshop Level II
  • Certificate #MCC599 - Photoshop Level III
  • Certificate #MCC575 - Dreamweaver Level I
  • Certificate #MCC576 - Dreamweaver Level II
  • Certificate #MCC595 - 3D Objects & Animation
  • Certificate #MCC532 - Multimedia Design (Design for Interactivity)
  • Certificate #MCC570 - Illustrator Level I
  • Certificate #MCC535 - Computer Graphics for Multimedia with Image Ready
  • Certificate #MCC536 - Flash Animation Level I
  • Certificate #MCC537 - Flash Animation Level II
  • Certificate #742975001346077837 - Java Programming Level I
  • Available upon request